A New Repair Solution to an Old Pothole Problem!

Using Cold Mix to repair potholes in wet and freezing conditions is challenging, as the water in the Bituminous Emulsion Binder must evaporate for the filler to harden.

If the filler does not harden and bind to the repair site, it can result in a poor pothole repair with the same hole being repaired numerous times.

Viafix pothole filler with its unique water activated binder, that requires water to harden, is an ideal fix in cold and wet weather.

Furthermore, Viafix is HAPAS certified, - 15/H239 issued by the “British Board of Agreement supported by Highways England”- as a Permanent Cold Lay Surfacing material, and has many years of documented performance history repairing potholes on UK Highways.

Although more expensive than Cold Mix, the economics of repairing potholes using Viafix and doing the repair once, plus the fact Viafix is certified as a permanent pothole repair material resulted in a Waikato NOC* contractor using Viafix exclusively on their contract.

The key to this move was establishing documented process control, to ensure crews were adequately trained in using Viafix for pothole repair and understood clearly what is required to repair potholes properly.

To quote the contract manager “If you factor in the cost of traffic management and know the pothole is permanently repaired the numbers stack up, plus there is the added bonus of lowering our crews exposure to risk, from a Health and Safety perspective”.

Conveniently packed in 14 kg bags the free flowing characteristics enables 6mm Viafix to be screeded to a minimum 25mm thickness, enabling repair of crocodile cracking, meaning early intervention to prevent potholes forming in the first place, particularly in wet conditions. See a video on repairing pothole crocodile cracking here.

For further information contact Britesite NZ Ltd. *NOC – Network Outcomes Contracts – NZTA

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