Viafix Pothole Repair - How wet can it be?

Can you afford not to?

When customers ask us how well Viafix performs in the wet, we always assure them that to repair a pothole it can’t be too wet! Somerset Highways took us at our word but we didn’t know they were intending to make a repair under running water! They explained that prior to using Viafix; the ford needed repeated attention due to failure of all other repairs. Although doubtful that a good repair could work under these conditions, they had exhausted all other possibilities. Having had great pothole repair results with Viafix across the network, they decided to put it to the ultimate test.
You will note that the repair was carried out on a concrete base, actually under the water as the sandbags merely reduced the force of the flow. Viafix – it’s not cheap, it’s cost effective.

Viafix is simple and easy to use even in wet and cold conditions and permanently repairs potholes on all classes of carriageway and reinstates utility cuts and ironwork surrounds.
It offers skid and rutting resistance similar to that of hot bituminous materials. No special preparation is required, simply remove any loose material and standing water from the damaged area before the repair. In this particular case the water couldn't be removed before the pothole repair, so sand bags were used to reduce the flow of the water instead.

Viafix will massively reduce spend, risk and congestion due to defects. One visit permanent fix that works in wet weather with the performance of hot material & is solvent free.

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