Pothole Repair Instructions

Ideal for instant, permanent repairs to potholes and other defects in asphalt, macadam and concrete. Even in freezing wet weather and on high speed roads.

Pothole Repair Instructions:

  • Remove mud and loose material or ice.
  • After opening the laminate foil bad, Viafix should be free flowing, if not, return to the supplier together with the purchase receipt.
  • Place Viafix pothole filler in the area with shovel or trowel.
  • If the pothole repair is in concrete, shallow or tapering to 0, it is advisable to prime the area to be repaired with the Vifafix Primer
  • Level with a rake or trowel allowing the finished level of Vifafix to be about 25% above the surrounding area, allowing for possible different depths in the same defect.
  • If conditions are dry or even damp sprinkle with water at approx 0.5 litre per 14gk of Viafix pothole repair material
  • Compact to a level, slightly proud, finish with a hand-tamper, vibrating plate, or roller. If the compacted pothole repair material is below the level of the surrounding area, add more Viafix, sprinkle with water and compact into existing material. If traffic management is not practicable, simply allow traffic to compact the area.
  • If the depth of the pothole is greater than 100mm, it is advisable to carry out the repair in 50-75mm stages.

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