Tool Box

Tips on application and use of our range of products.

Glass Beads:

  • Silane coated beads activate with moisture, and can cause clumping if stored in open bags. Ensure air to presurise Bead tanks is moisture free, to prevent clumping in tanks.
  • Silicone coated beads are suitable for Solvent  Based paint only.
  • A simple check to see how good bead application is, is to put the shadow of your head on the line, only useful on sunny days.
  • Spilt beads are a slip hazard, sweep up spills.
  • Diagonally cut accross the weft on woven bead bags to prevent bag strings contaminating bead tank. Use a sharp knife.
  • Bead Tank sieves at fill points prevents contamination like bag strings etc, entering tank.

Thermoplastic Powder:

  • Temperature Control and measurement, is very important. Do not use Infrared thermometers, to check melt temperature in tanks, as they only measure the surface, material further down is much hotter, 50C higher. Probe /Thermocouple instruments are best.

Raised Reflective Pavement Markers:

  • Do not use Glass Faced markers on new chip seal unless new surface is completely free of loose chip.