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Thermoplastic Roadmarking Materials

Britesite Thermoplastics are manufactured at our head office in Ramarama, using Britesite designed New Zealand engineered plant, incorporating computerised quality control systems to ensure; 

  • Precise weighing of ingredients
  • Accurate tracking of ingredients batch numbers/COA
  • Batch to batch consistancy
  • Quality blends
  • Easy to change from one formula to another

All Britesite Thermoplastics are formulated to exceed current NZ and Australian standards. The product is currently avalible in two standard specifications;

  • EXSCRE 35 - Extrusion / Screed grade for standard flat line marking applications.
  • PRO35 - Profile grade for audio tactile marking applications.

White or Yellow, and other colours such as red, blue and green are  available.  Only Organic Heavy Metal free pigments are used.

Sustainable - Rosin Ester from New Zealand's pine forests is the primary binder for Britesite Thermoplastic, giving our product excellent oil and grease resistance compared to materials with C5 resin sourced from the petrochemical industry.

We manufacture to order, and the minimum order requirement is 1,000kg (1 pallet).

We believe in working closely with our customers and can customise grades to suit customers application equipment, but still meet the performance requirements of specifications.   

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Download PDF File: 


Apps-Pdf-icon.pngTechnical Data Sheet White EXSCRE 35

Apps-Pdf-icon.pngTechnical Data Sheet Yellow EXSCRE 35