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Thermoplastic Roadmarking Materials

Thermoplastic What is it??


Thermoplastic Dot Matrix Video


It is a High Performance Roadmarking Material providing the key performance criteria for road markings over the life of the marking, as follows.

  • Long life - Documented 36 million vehicle passes
  • Retroreflectivity - Night time visibility
  • Luminance - Daytime contrast
  • Skid resistance - Non slip to Motorcyclists / Cyclists

Thermoplastic general application thickness is 2.5 mm, and as it is applied HOT at approx 195 °C it literally welds to Bituminous Road Surfaces.

As Thermoplastic markings wear, “New” intermixed Glass Beads, Aggregates and Titanium Dioxide Pigment (White) are exposed, which provides ongoing Retroreflectivity, Skid resistance and Luminance.

Wet Night Retroreflectivity can be readily achieved using application techniques which combine high build (2.5 to 9 mm) and defined drainage channels, eg Dot Matrix.

Thermoplastic is a mixture of, Rosins, Polymers, Mineral Oil, Pigment, Glass Beads, Aggregates and Fines and is supplied in Powder form. Following heating /melting approx 175 to 210 °C in a Kettle incorporating mechanical agitation the Thermoplastic is applied to the road. It is imperative Glass Beads and Crushed Glass are surface applied immediately after Thermoplastic Markings application to ensure Initial Skid resistance and Retroreflectivity. Without these surface applied materials, fresh thermoplastic skid resistance will be below standard.