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Solar Pavement Markers

Solar Powered Rechargeable LED Marker

Although tested to withstand up to 10 tonne top loads, these markers are recommended for:

  • Raised traffic islands, Curbing.
  • Bridge Abutments.  Gaurd Rails.
  • Illuminating Walkways.
  • Hazard Identification or guidance where there is no access to power.

Suggestions for use include:

  • Foggy or misty locations where retro-reflective devices are inhibited by the inclament weather conditions and identification of hazards is paramount
  • Night time illumination, walk ways, floating docks, where there is no power supply.
  • Locations, where vehicle headlights do not illuminate the Hazard. Eg reversing into loading doc, roundabout curbs /exits.

Product descriptions and dimensions:

  • Polycarbonate marker -  115mm Dia x 25mm High.
  • LED - 3 per side, other options available.
  • Luminious Intensity- 3000--- 6000 mcd
  • Battery - Lithium, 3.2V, 500 MAH 
  • Operating time - 72 hours of operation from fully charged Battery from approximately eight hours exposure to sunlight
  • Available in White, Red, Green, Yellow and Blue.
  • Available with, LEDs both sides, LEDs Single side, Different Colour LEDs one side to the other. For example Red / Green .

In Ground Solar Markers:

  • Rated 25 ton top load suitable for Center and Edge Lines. 3 LEDs per side technical details of LED system as per above.


Download PDF File:

Apps-Pdf-icon.pngSolar Pavement Marker Sept' 2013.pdf