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Retroreflective Glass Beads

Retro-Reflective Glass Beads are solid spherical glass beads for use with long life (thermoplastic & cold applied plastic ) road marking materials and road marking paints (both water and solvent based), meeting specifications AS/NZS 2009 / NZTA T17. When vehicle headlights shine onto glass beads, the light is reflected back to the light source (retro-reflective) resulting in the driver seeing a glowing bright line. Glass beads also help reduce wear of marking materials.


Type A: (Premix ) for incorporation in the manufacture of reflective fabrics and road marking paints.
Type B: (Drop-on)

for surface application onto roadmarking materials, Paint ( Water and Solvent )Thermoplastic and Cold Plastic.

Type C: (Intermix)

for incorporation in Thermoplastic roadmarking materials and surface application of Cold Plastic road marking materials.

Type D: (Large Dia’)

0.8 to 1.7 mm Diameter Glass Beads for use with “high build” Paints and long life materials, Thermoplastic and Cold Plastic to assist Wet Night Visibility.

Bead/Crushed Glass Mix:

Crushed glass/bead mix to provide initial skid resistance and retro-reflectivity to thermoplastic and cold applied plastic road marking materials. Various blends of crushed glass: Types B and C bead mixes


Adhesion promoting coatings, eg Silane coatings to Improve adhesion of Glass Bead to Water Based paint, Thermoplastic and Cold Plastic.

Refractive Index: 1.50 minimum
Density: 2.4 –2.6 gm/cm²
Coating: Silane coating
Application Rate (as drop-on beads): 0.3 – 0.5 kg/sq.m
Packaging: 25kg bag
Country of Manufacture: Thailand and China
Heavy Metal Limits: Complies with NZTA T17