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Pavement Marker Adhesives

 Martin "Evergrip" Marker Adhesive is a hot melt  Bituminous adhesive used to permanently bond pavement markers to asphaltic surfaces and chip seal roads. Packed in a 55 lb box, 40 boxes to a pallet.  Available per pallet or by the box.

Two Grades Available:

  • Evergrip Standard - Red Box : Recommended for Sand based Markers.
  • Evergrip Flexible GTR - Green Box :  Recommended for non Sand based Markers.

 Martin Bituminous Marker Adhesive offers you;

  • Proven perfomance
  • High reliability
  • Superior adhesion
  • Superior cohesion
  • Impact resistant
  • Consistent quality
  • Faster setting
  • Reduced coking in application equipment.

Britesite Bituminous Marker Adhesive Cutting service:

Britesite will un pack Martin Bituminous adhesive from the box and cut the 4 large blocks into 16 small blocks and repackage into plastic bags. Small blocks Ideal for small push cart adhesive dispensors. Safer than cutting the big blocks with an axe.

Download PDF File: 

Apps-Pdf-icon.png“MSDS” Sheet

Apps-Pdf-icon.pngProduct Data Sheet