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Coloured Surfacing

Britesite NZ Ltd represent Adbruf Ltd and offer Adbruf's extensive international experience in the coloured and High friction surfacing market as well as the decorative paving market.

Polyurethane based systems provide the plasticity to cope with New Zealand's flexible pavements leading to Colour fast durable surfacing.

Adbruf's  "Coldgrip BBA" binder systems  are  BBA / HAPAS ( British Board of Agreement / Highway Authorities Product Approval Scheme ) approved as a Type 1 system, the highest certification available and as such will conform to NZTAs,  draft P33N: 2014 standard.

Coloured Binders, Coloured Aggregates, Natural Binders, Natural Calcined Bauxite aggregates for high skid resistant surfaces, Coloured right through Glass Beads for decorative surfaces are available ex store Auckland New Zealand.

Screed, and economical Spray or roller application systems available.